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            Lawsuit is a social gathering site where people with legal issues could join together and seek compensation from any company that may have caused their legal Issue. Lawsuit allows you to post your complaint(s) and share them with other members that have the same legal issue as you by the same company. Each legal issues are grouped together to form a potential case. You may upload your evidence against a business for others to view or listen to, you may also remain anonymous.

              Once enough people with the same legal issue comes forward to your potential case, an attorney or law enforcement agent may be assigned to your case which in turn becomes a class action lawsuit. Once assigned, they will try to seek justice, financial compensation and or prosecute for criminal activity* for you and other people that joined your case. You may receive messages/instructions from the attorney or law enforcement agent assigned to your case.

Currently is in Beta mode which is still under development, however you can still post your complaint and use many other features of, is 80% complete. If you would like to donate to speed up the development of click on the android app and download our app and you can donate from the app Lawsuit connector.

If you have any legal issue in any way or had any bad business experience is for you! Post a complaint if you dont have an legal issue.


Membership is free!

* not all potential cases are a guarantee for an attorney or law enforcement to be assigned to a potential case nor is it a guarantee that your potential case will go to trial or have a successful win in court.

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