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    LawsuitConnections.com is a website owned by a company named Mendozi Enterprises LLC. LawsuitConnections.com allows people with legal issues to find other people with the same issues with the same company or business.
     LawsuitConnections.com helps the people to organize and fight back, with the help of attorneys and or law enforcement to seek justice and any finical compensation to the people with legal issues. Lawsuit Connections also serves as a search engine to help the user or people with legal issues find any company or business accused of the legal issues. This feature helps other people to stay clear of the business or to be careful of their tactics.

     A company may sell you a product and miss led you on the warranty, and refused to honor the warranty after the product has been discovered to be defective. You may search on Lawsuit Connections.com for any other people who has this issue of this company. If the company is listed and there is already a potential case where you fall into the same situation, you may sign up on that case or create a new one. Over time other people with the same issue should come forward. If there happens to be allot of people on a case then attorney maybe assigned to your case for a class action lawsuit to be filed. You do not pay anything all attorneys receive payment only if they win from the defendant. You and other people on the case will receive payment from the settlement.

     People with legal issues get to meet with other people who have the same legal issues against a business or company.  View stats on Race, religion and sex on people who are on you case or report on a business or company.

* Lawsuit Connections may in the future charge a small fee to join a potential case or pervious potential case or creating a new one.

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