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Email Address: Your email address is keeped in our database as your login ID, we do not give away nor sell your email address to any orginization. However we give your email address and information to any Attonery and or Law enforcement that may be assinged to your potential case.

Your Contact Information: You may keep your contact information from being viewed from the public, by changing your security settings for any potential case that you may be signed up for against a business. However your contact information will be given to any attorney or law enforcement assigned to your case.


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Payment: All Attorneys that are assigned to a potential case are verified attorneys with background checks performed on them. Each attorney has signed a contract with Mendozi enterprise LLC. (The owners of lawsuitconnections.com) not to ask or receive any payment from you that is assigned to a potential case. They receive payment only if they win a case that you are signed up for from the defendant. If any attorney asks for payment please immediately contact us, for this will be a violation of the signed contract between that attorney and Mendozi Enterprises LLC.

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