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Completely fill out this new membership form for Attorney’s or Law firms. This information will allow members that are on a case to contact you after you have been assigned to a case. NOTE: you must be verified after submitting this form that you are truly a licensed attorney. To help with the verification process you must pay a 1,000 dollar non-refundable membership fee including to sign, notarized and mail in a contract that will be given to you through your account center. Part of the fee will be used to verify that you are a licensed legal attorney with NO FELONY Criminal records. If you have an FELONY Criminal record DO NOT APPLY!!!!. Once you are verified that you are a legal licensed attorney you will be able to request any cases you will like to work on there are limitations. The more successful you are at wining a case, the more cases will be assigned to you and you will move up our top 10 performing attorneys list.

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